Build your thriving, profitable, buzz-worthy equestrian business

Stop feeling frustrated with Instagram, stop spending your hard-earned horse money on generic social media advice that doesn't work in the horse world, & learn the no-fluff systems, strategies, and tools that will help you build a real business and brand from your passion and build a community that is loyal, engaged, and obsessed with what you do.

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Hey! We're Erin Lane and Alle Justyn, the real riders, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs behind On Course.

We're passionate about empowering our equestrian community, and have seen the huge lack of business and marketing resources for the equestrian space. We created On Course as a resource for online courses specifically designed for the horse world – what works in other industries doesn't always translate here, but we know what works.

From social media to branding, business operations to finance and budgeting, startups to small businesses to influencers to trainers to barns and beyond... On Course is your hub for actionable, practical, results-getting resources for your equestrian business.


Is this for me?

Each course is tailored to your specific area of the equestrian world (for example: The Equestrian Instagram Academy is broken into unique options for product-based brands, influencers and personal brands, and service-based equine professionals like trainers, barns, sales programs, bodyworkers, etc.). Courses are made to work with your busy equestrian lifestyle, are highly practical, and are accessibly priced (plus, you keep each course for life!). 

You'll also become part of a strong, supportive online equestrian community where you'll have access to networking, business opportunities, expert advice, and tons of support.

We're here to help you stay 'on course'!

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