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You can have a thriving career or highly-profitable business in the horse world. 

Our digital courses – combined with live events, unparalleled ongoing support from industry experts, and a community of ambitious equestrian businesswomen – give you the exact tools, resources, and strategies you need to not only start a career or business in the equestrian space, but scale to a level of success beyond your wildest dreams.

Think of On Course as your fast-tracked business school, but designed specifically for what gets results in the equestrian industry.

Imagine if you could build a business or career in horses with proven industry experts helping you every step of the way! On Course was created to give you the resources, tools, strategies, and support you need – all in one place and crafted to get you real results in the horse world.

No generic information.

No coaching rhetoric or "secrets to a six-figure business" clickbait.

Instead, you'll find actionable, results-getting online courses by experts in all areas of equestrian business, tailored to exactly what you need. 

Our Story

Hey there! We're Erin Lane and Alle Justyn.

We're both successful equestrian professionals who have built thriving careers in the equestrian industry from the ground up.

We come from very different backgrounds (Erin is a professional rider and built a career in media production and business operations for companies like ESPN and Noëlle Floyd, Alle is an amateur rider and a leading expert in equestrian social media and marketing), and live on opposite coasts, but share that we bootstrapped our way up to the top of our fields through trial and error, making mistakes, taking big risks, working hard, and learning along the way.

We are not just social media, content creation, and business experts – we’re horse obsessed former working students who live and breathe horses and know how to hustle.  We know what makes our industry unique and how to empower you to chase – and reach – your dreams in equestrian business.

"The horse world is different. You need a strategy that works with equestrian audiences and a team who understands how horse people think"

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