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The Story Behind On Course

We're passionate about empowering our equestrian community and have seen the huge lack of business and marketing resources for the equestrian industry. We created On Course as a business, career, and entrepreneurial resource specifically designed for the horse world – what works in other industries doesn't always translate here, but we know how the equestrian industry operates, how horse people think, and what strategies are proven to get results. 

On Course Equestrian is your hub for actionable, practical, results-getting resources for your equestrian business, brand, or career, as well as a supportive network and community of industry experts and fellow equestrian businesswomen.


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Alle Justyn


Hello! I'm Alle, the Co-Founder of On Course Equestrian. Since I took my first riding lesson at 13 years old, I knew that horses would consume my life in every way possible (and in all of the best ways possible). After graduating with a Bachelors in Business Marketing and working in corporate, I was determined to combine my passion for horses and marketing together. Social media & marketing is my jam - I've worked as the Social Media Director for one of the largest equestrian media companies and created powerful marketing strategies for new businesses emerging in the equestrian space.

You can usually find me working at home with my rescue dog, Levi, sipping on an Iced Oatmilk Latte. 

Oh, and if you're wondering... My dream horse is a chestnut with four white socks and a thick blaze that I can compete in the A/O hunters with. 

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Erin Lane


I'm a lifelong competitive show jumper, but built my career in film and tv production before deciding to change my entire life and turn my dreams of an equestrian career into a reality. I'm currently a professional hunter/jumper rider and trainer, and previously worked with the incredible team at NOËLLE FLOYD for over five years as Media Director to help create the Equestrian Masterclass platform. I'm a high energy, extroverted, workaholic horse girl and I'm passionate about helping you learn the techniques and giving you the tools to bring your own equestrian dream alive. Nobody works harder than horse girls.

Victoria Gibilterra


Hi there! My work focuses on any and all things related to the internal business growth as well as client relationship management. My day job is a Cyber Defense Manager at a Fortune 300 company working with clients to transform their Cyber Defense strategy and operations.

Outside of the office, I'm an amateur eventer in Phoenix, Arizona and recently started working with an OTTB, Nika. I'm focused on giving back to my community and spend time on the board of Ellevate Phoenix; working to develop women in leadership in the Greater Phoenix area. During my free time, you can find me at home hanging by the pool with my fiancé, Nick, and two dogs, Leo and Roxie.

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It's like The Saddle Club, only better. Victoria is a Stevie, Erin is a Lisa, and Alle is a Carole, btw.